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Weight Room

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All the Fightin’ Engineers athletic programs strive to maximize their sports performance. The strength and conditioning facilities on campus, located in the Sports and Recreation Center (SRC), play a major role in our athlete’s success. There are two areas used by our programs, the weight training and cardio rooms. These two areas have recently been upgraded and updated to keep pace with the changes seen in the strength and conditioning landscape. 

Upon entering the weight room, one would immediately see the attention to detail. Not only will you see the Fightin’ Engineers logo in the rubber flooring, it is also displayed on the platforms and benches and engraved on the power racks. The Olympic and bumper plates and dumbbells all have the same attention to detail. The weight room also houses a rig system with training rope and rope pull attachments. 

The cardio room houses a full array of cardio equipment. This includes treadmills, upright and recumbent bikes, elliptical trainers, stair climbers, and even a step mill. All equipment is equipped to watch and listen to tv, whether on the attached tvs or via the tvs hanging on along the wall. In addition, the cardio room also has a 14 piece selectorized weight training circuit.