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Rose-Hulman Wins 2017-18 HCAC All-Sports Triple Crown

Rose-Hulman Wins 2017-18 HCAC All-Sports Triple Crown

TERRE HAUTE, IND. -- The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology athletic department swept the 2017-18 Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference Triple Crown, winning the Commissioner's Cup, Men's All-Sports Trophy and Women's All-Sports Trophy in the same athletic year.

Rose-Hulman has won seven HCAC Commissioner's Cup in its 12 years as a conference member, covering the years 2008, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. The Commissioner's Cup is awarded to the institution accumulating the most standings points in the HCAC's league championship events and is widely regarded as the most prestigious honor among the 10 conference institutions. 

The Men's and Women's All-Sports Trophies are awarded to the instiution scoring the most points in terms of standings finishes over the year among all the HCAC sports.  Rose-Hulman won the HCAC Men's All-Sports Trophy for the 10th time this year, and captured the Women's All-Sports Trophy for the first time in program history in 2017-18.

"Winning the HCAC Commissioner's Cup, Men's All-Sports Trophy and Women's All-Sports Trophy is one of the most significant accomplishments in the history of Rose-Hulman athletics.  This is a credit to our tremendous student-athletes, outstanding coaching staff, and behind-the-scenes personnel that have made Rose-Hulman one of the nation's premier NCAA Division III athletic programs.  We are proud to be the first HCAC institution to complete this triple crown, and we look for more great days ahead," said Rose-Hulman athletic director Jeff Jenkins.

Rose-Hulman won the Commissioner's Cup with 142 points, outdistancing Hanover (125), Transylvania (104.1) and Franklin (103.1) in the all-around standings race.

The Men's All-Sports Trophy returns to the athletic department in one of the Rose-Hulman's most dominant conference-wide performances in school history.  The Fightin' Engineers tallied 74.5 points to outdistance Hanover by 14.5 points and earn the men's title. Men's conference championship teams this season included basketball, cross country, swimming, tennis and track and field.

The Women's All-Sports Trophy was more tightly contested, as the Fightin' Engineers relied on conference titles in cross country, basketball and track and field to outscore Hanover 67.5-65.

The Commissioner's Cup came into existence in 2005-06, and Rose-Hulman became the first institution to win the Cup on seven occasions with this year's performance.  Rose-Hulman became the first school since Anderson in 2001-02 to win both the Men's and Women's All-Sports Trophies in the same year.

1) Rose-Hulman 142; 2) Hanover 125; 3) Transylvania 104.1; 4) Franklin 103.1; 5) Manchester 97.8; 6) Earlham 81.5; 7) Mount St. Joseph 80.9; 8) Bluffton 69; 9) Anderson 63.2; 10) Defiance 54.3

1) Rose-Hulman 74.5; 2) Hanover 60; 3) Franklin 49.8; 4) Manchester 49.5; 5) Earlham 42.3; 6) Transylvania 41.8; 7) Anderson 41.5; 8) Mount St. Joseph 40.2; 9) Bluffton 31; 10) Defiance 28.3

1) Rose-Hulman 67.5; 2) Hanover 65; 3) Transylvania 62.3; 4) Franklin 53.3; 5) Manchester 48.3; 6) Mount St. Joseph 40.7; 7) Earlham 39.2; 8) Bluffton 38; 9) Defiance 26; 10) Anderson 21.7